It’s Oer


I am proud to say that I have gotten through this semester successfully. I have learned so much from this class. I honestly didn’t come into the class with the best attitude because writing has never been my strong suit but I believe I have improved a lot. I have had so many high and lows in this class. I would say my lowest low was when I forgot to turn in my second essay. I had worked so hard on that essay and the fact that I receive a zero for turning it in late killed me. I seriously had never more stupid in my life, I woke up at like 2 A.M. that Sunday night and remembered to email it to my teacher but it was too late. I guess I bought that in on myself. My highest high is probably when I got my grade back for my third essay. I was so excited to have gotten higher than an 80! I never thought I would get that kind of grade in this class. I think through out the semester I learned to be a more organized writer. I always thought I was organized but this class taught me how to organize my thoughts on paper. I went back to reading my first essay and my writing has definitely changed for the better. I am more descriptive and don’t have as many choppy sentences. I also learned how to do citations more effectively and how to chose scholarly sources. I think one of the best things about this class was peer editing.  Have always done peer editing but never learned to appreciate it. I learned a lot from my own classmates and their writing, it motivated me to make my writing even better. After this class, I feel more confident in my writing and know that I will use most skills learned in my future classes.

Successful Argument

The Story of Bottled Water is a video about how consuming bottled water is harming our environment, economy, and our won wallets. The video is a very creative way to inform people about the cold hard truth behind the bottled water industry. I think the argument is very effective in the way that they used good examples. They started off by making the problem relatable. I know I’m one of the millions of people that don’t dare to drink tap water and think that because I pay more money for water, it means that it’s the cleanest way to go. After making the issue relatable, the video goes in detail about why this is an issue everyone should be worried about. The video starts talking about how the bottled water industry lies to us and how gullible we are. They used examples such as Coke’s Desani, Pepsi’s Aquafina and Fiji. The film also shows us the cycle the water bottle goes through and how it harms our environment. It includes quotes from Nestle, saying that “bottled water is the most environmentally responsible consumer product in the world” and then shows how this is a lie. So it proves its argument very well. This is very helpful in showing us how to prove an argument successfully. I would definitely use this in my writing; they have a lot of information to back up the argument. The only problem I see with this is that it is very biased and doesn’t really show the other side. The video features ethos, logos and pathos thoroughly. They appealed to my emotions with the cartoons, the logic of why this is an issue was well explained and understandable. And because the argument was so successful it inspired me to make some changes in my bottled water use. This was a perfect example on how to effectively present and argument. I’m only guessing our next paper is a argumentative essay.

essay 3

This third essay that we are writing for my English class has been extremely difficult for me. When I first heard the prompt I knew I was going to struggle with it and I became a little frightened. I asked my suit mate, Allie, to help me find an image I could analyze and write about. She had actually had a similar prompt for a journal in her UNI class so she showed me her image. She had analyzed an image of some rings from the holocaust. I thought it was genius. I got so excited about writing the paper. I wrote about 2 pages by the time of our first peer review, but during peer review I realized it was a piece of crap. I also realized that there was no way I was going to be able to write about this black and white image for 5 pages. I seriously started freaking out. Thankfully a friend of mine helped me out a bit in hunting for another image. I finally found a good advertisement for Tom Ford cologne. It was a perfect picture to write about. Even though it looks pretty simple I see all the different elements that make it the great ad that it is. There are so many different elements to it. However, getting started was still difficult for me. I didn’t know how to structure my paper correctly and I honestly procrastinated like no other. I usually plan out how long I have until my final draft and work peer editing into my schedule so I have a good idea of the time I have to write the essay. Because, I had to change my image so suddenly, I didn’t plan at all. I was so freaked out about this paper because I got a zero on my last essay because I forgot to email it to my teacher on time. I remember being so disappointed in myself for getting a zero after I had worked so hard on essay number two. I really hope I get a good grade on this essay because I need to help that zero out. 

Campus Ads.


The campus at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is filled with examples of how ethos, logos, and pathos are used in everyday life. We have bulletin board filled with advertisements and announcements in every building. But what really attracts us to them?

My first example is the sign that was posted right outside of the Fisher Student Union to announce Fall 2012 E-bill due dates. This was strategically placed at the entrance of the Fisher Student Union, knowing that about every student passes through there at least once. It is very obvious that this is a serious announcement; notice how there are no colors, no fancy fonts. It is very straightforward. However it is lacking some credibility. I think there should be a UNCW logo somewhere.

My second example is an announcement for Operation Christmas Child Item Drive. This announcement was also well placed right in the middle of Hawk’s Nest. Its definitely directed towards student in order to persuade them to participate in this Christmas drive. It’s very credible due to the logo of Samaritan’s Purse placed in the middle. The post does have an emotional side, it talks about what children need like socks, shoes and toys. It meant to make you feel bad for the children and make you want to help them.

I was really taken back by my next example. I was very interested when I first heard about the Disney Internships being offered around campus. There were flyers everywhere, Wag, Hawks, Dub’s and McNeil. But when I saw this specific poster for the interest meeting I was taken back. Someone who had no artistic talent had tried to recreate the palace in Aladdin and put it on the poster. It was done in marker and cut out horribly. It looked like it had been done by a five-year old, two minutes before posting it up. It was just terrible. It made me, the audience, unenthusiastic about attending the interest meeting. 

UNCW Homepage

The UNCW homepage has a lot going on. There is a banner that I believe is mainly for interested students and parents. It starts off with powerful images, each having a powerful quote with them. “A love of place,” “the Power of Ideas & Innovation,” and “a Commitment to the Journey” are some of the powerful quotes displayed o the homepage. These quotes and pictures are meant to show parents and future students the kind of school UNCW is. The pictures make UNCW feel like home. If you’re a high school senior checking out colleges to apply to, the pictures make you feel like you could belong in Wilmington. The homepage is meant to persuade college oriented students to chose UNCW. It is all very scholarly oriented. Of course, there is an abundant amount of teal. When you scroll down you see more links to things students, professors and such would use; calendar, news, events, etc. this is very engaging to much of the population that would be visiting the website. The biggest button on the homepage is the APPLY NOW button. It really does catch your attention. What also caught my attention was the Give to UNCW button. The school made sure to make this button stand out and have it in teal font instead of the regular black font all over the homepage. When you scroll down, there’s a section with all the academic units the university of North Carolina at Wilmington as to offer. It is actually pretty easy to find all of the majors at the school. Even though the home page of our school is well put together, its kind of difficult to find certain pages. I pretty much know where to find everything now, but I do remember having a hard time finding the university catalogue when I was first applying, I also didn’t know how to access my seaport and seanet. I think the website is made more for professors rather than future students. 

College Paper Numero Dos Struggles


Tis descriptive essay was much more challenging than I expected. Getting started was the hardest. I spent about three hours writing down different social issues I could write about. After some debate, I narrowed it down to Social Networking. After choosing a topic, I actually made an outline. On the previous essay, I just wrote without much thinking. Even though that paper still had flow and was very organized for free writing, this paper was more structured. I planned out how I would use my sources better and the different ideas I wanted to discuss. I also give myself props for interviewing someone I knew about this topic. It was a friend who was dared to give up social media for a month because she was never fully present in conversations. I talked to her and got some insight on her situation. It really helped me through out the writing process. However, I did struggle a bit deciding where and when I wanted to talk about the interview in the paper. I wasn’t even sure I was allowed to do that but I went for it anyway. The interview makes the paper more relatable because its about a girl our age who is having the same issues as most of us with social media. I think I did a good job with my flow and with my introduction. I used statistics; that made me more credible. I also believe I did a good job at staying neutral throughout the whole paper. I struggled tremendously to stay away from saying I, we, us, and our. I also think my conclusion can still use some work. I just think its pretty plain and dry. I don’t think I actually closed the paper with my conclusion so I should probably work on that when I go to the writing center.  

The Seahawk Needs Work

 I used two articles for this assignment from the UNCW newspaper, The Seahawk. The first article I used was “Bike and Pedestrian Accidents Increase.” This article wasn’t very descriptive at all. The article didn’t reveal anything every student at UNCW doesn’t already know. The writer, Jillian Langston, interview a couple of people, which could help prove a point to the audience. However, the quotes she put in the article where very short and explained what she had already told the audience. All the article said was that everyone rides his or her bikes and skateboard at UNCW. Shocking? Didn’t think so.

Every single person at UNCW has witness, or heard of a bike accident on chancellors walk. Its nothing new, or exciting, so I don’t understand why the article is written like it was something shocking. In the article, Langston talks about how traffic laws apply to people on bikes, but she never goes into detail about the laws. I think that if she would’ve put examples of the laws violated by bicycle users it would’ve helped prove a point. The article was useless, and poorly written; it even had some grammatical errors.

The second article I read in the Seahawk was “’Noobamas’ have no solutions for students.” The writer, Megan Henry, shows to be very Pro-Obama. From a Democrat’s point of view, the article is correct and shows good evidence to support her points. I think she did a great job at using facts to say that Young Republicans are wrong for blaming Obama’s administration for the phenomenon of college grads moving back in with Mom and Dad. However, for this being an article at a public school, with Democrats and Republicans, the article was very biased. An article shouldn’t be biased; it should only state the facts, and not the writer’s opinion. If this were a book, blog, or journal it would be great. But not for a newspaper article. 

I enjoyed writi…


I enjoyed writing the playlist essay because I learned a lot about myself. I realized I listen to a broad range of music, and I love it. This assignment brought back a ton of memories. Every song has a special meaning to me. I was very scared when I found out about the assignment because I don’t believe writing is my strong suit. And because it was my first college essay I thought it was going to be beyond impossibly hard. I built it up in my head to be like 20 pages long and about some current issue. It made me really nervous. I was dreading it beyond belief. It turned out to be nothing like what I was expecting, it was just around the same kind of essays I wrote in high school. I actually think I did pretty well. I should’ve planned a little bit more and stayed on top of it. I thought the due date was so far away but it caught up with me. The writing center helped me out a lot as well. They helped me with sentence structure and making sure my point was clear. The most help they gave me was writing my thesis. At first I had this huge run-on sentence but the writing center explained how I can state my ideas clearly. It took a few tries, and about ten different sentences to pick from but I got it down at the end. Peer editing was great too because when I would read my paper out loud I would catch errors. I also received great constructive criticism from my classmates. The most common comment I received was how funny my essay was. I actually didn’t even try to be funny about it but I guess it came out that way. 

Many Englishes.

 I am not Asian nor do I speak Chinese, however I could relate to Amy Tan’s essay, Mother Tongue. I understood everything she was talking about. The part that I related to the most was when Tan spoke about the effect her mother’s English had in her achievement tests and the SAT. I feel like my upbringing has definitely affected my English and my SAT scores. My mother’s first language is Spanish. I think she speaks English very well, compared to most Hispanics in the U.S. She went to a community college to learn English for 3 years and she speaks in English with me, sometimes. However, most of the time we speak in Spanish because it’s more comfortable for her. Spanish not completely comfortable for me because my Spanish is “limited.” My dad on the other hand is more comfortable speaking in English, he thirsts the English language. He, too, went to a community college to learn English and he speaks it better than my mother. My dad spends his free time reading the dictionary, which I think is just weird, but that’s helped him learn words that I have never even heard of. While my mom still watches Spanish soap operas and every show you can think of on Univison, my dad watches CNN all day. I can speak with my dad in English and its perfect. I do believe that because my parents learned English around the same time I began to speak it’s affected my English. I don’t think I have a “first language.” I learned to speak in Spanish because that’s what my parents spoke but I learned English in day care at the same time. 

         In my opinion, Tan’s audience was just about everyone who speaks English. We all speak many Englishes. You may speak slang English with your friends, a comfortable English with your parents, and an outstanding English with a professor or employer. We all speak different Englishes depending on the people we are talking to. She did a great job in relating to the audience. I felt like she knew me and was writing this paper about my life experiences.

People call me Gaby..

Hey y’all. My name is Gabriela Reyes, but everyone calls me Gaby. Yes, Gaby with just one B. I was born in Ecuador but moved to Charlotte, NC when I was 6 months old. My mom owns a boutique in Charlotte and I’ve work there every summer for the past 6 years. Working at the boutique has made me have a passion for fashion. I have developed a serious problem with online shopping since I got to college. I’m so used to going shopping every Sunday after church with my momma that I’ve taken up online shopping.

         As a student, I like to think I’m very organized and well planned but truth is I’m a procrastinator. I like having due dates and plan out what I have to do. However, when it comes time to actually doing the work, my ADHD kicks in. I can’t focus and I start doing something that I enjoy more, like painting my nails. I have been a ‘passing by’ student all of my high school years. I have done just the minimum to get by. I really want to change that; I don’t like how that makes me look.

         English has always been a difficult subject for me. I hated language arts in middle school and detested English in high school. I just don’t look forward to reading Shakespeare or writing an essay. The last time I somewhat enjoyed writing was my Senior Exit paper. I wrote about conspiracy theories, which interests me, a lot. I think I liked the research part of my paper more than the actual writing process. Gathering up my ideas comes easy but putting them down in writing is very hard.

         The last book I read for fun was Style by Lauren Conrad. Almost about every other book I’ve read has been for school. I don’t enjoy reading because I get extremely distracted and it’s frustrating. I literally have to be in an empty room with no distractions in order to actually understand what I’m reading. However, this only seems to happen with books I’m assigned to read. I have read all the Twilight and Hunger Games books and every Nicholas Sparks novel. Yes, I’m a total girl. I do like reading biographies and investigating writing. I think part of me wants to work in the FBI because I like to read about crime scenes and psychos. I pretty much know about every murderer in American History. I know, its weird.

         I’m only 18. I still have no idea who I am or who I will be. I don’t know what I’m going to major in. I don’t know whom I will marry. I don’t know what I want to name my children. I do know I want to be successful. I want to fulfill a career. I want to work hard to earn my living. I want to at some point get married and have children. I want to impact someone’s life one way or another. I want to live a life I will love.